Aultman Health Foundation CT TECHNOLOGST in Canton, Ohio


Requisition 8372

Location Aultman Hospital


Schedule Part Time

Shift Varied Shifts

Hours Varied

Job Details

Required Education is above high school diploma or GED

Position Summary

The purpose of this position is to obtain high quality images to assist in the diagnosis and or treatment of our patients.

Position Accountabilities

  1. Maintains current license/certification/registry as mandated.

  2. Completes and adheres to knowledge gained through annual employee education (CPR, competency, safety, etc.).

  3. Adheres to hospital policies of time and attendance.

  4. Offers input for the improvement of patient care.

  5. Maintains confidentiality of information regarding patient, employees, hospital, and physicians.

  6. Shows flexibility in working various shifts and is available for call as assigned.

  7. Makes appropriate recommendations and/or participates in the implementation of change in order to improve overall quality of service.

  8. Recognizes self-responsibility and accountability for own practice.

  9. Works harmoniously with other healthcare personnel.

10.Uses Personal Protective Equipment and utilizes standard precautions (former Universal Precautions) when performing tasks presenting the possibility of exposure to blood or body fluids.

11.Demonstrates an awareness of the continuing changes taking place in the role of this job.

12.Creates and fosters a work environment that is consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values of the Aultman Health Foundation.

13.Supports strategic organizational goals.

14.Abides by the Aultman Code of Conduct at all times.

Position Duties

  1. Identifies each patient and reviews each physician order for consistency of exam ordered with clinical diagnosis and all demographic information. Records pertinent data at all times. (Patient history, explanation of limited examination, etc.)

  2. Relies on extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and effects of disease process to properly and safely position the patient for maximum diagnostic yield.

  3. Assesses patient condition, ensures patient safety through proper use of support/immobilization devices, and proper transport/transfer technique with regard given to the age of the patient.

  4. Reviews each examination for technical accuracy making sure all of necessary anatomy is included on the study.

  5. Communicates all pertinent information to patient or person responsible.

  6. Dispenses appropriate preparations to patients as indicated by departmental protocol and/or physician order.

  7. Administers contrast according to department protocols and utilizes power injector for IV contrast administration.

  8. Performs POC creatinine testing on outpatients as needed.

  9. Performs IV starts using the appropriate gauge angiocath on patients requiring IV contrast administration.

  10. Utilize the 3D workstation to do P.E. studies, C.T. Urograms, and coronal images of the spine.

  11. Explain exams/procedures to patients and address any questions or concerns.

  12. Assists with examinations of higher complexity and interventional procedures.

Position Qualifications

Minimum Education ARRT License & ODH Radiographer License

Minimum Experience Preferred one year experience

Leadership Expertise Integrity, honesty, fairness, possesses vision

Working Conditions

Subject to varying and unpredictable situations

Handles emergency and other crisis situations

Subject to interruptions

Subject to long irregular hours

Physical Requirements

Sits, stands and moves intermittently during working hours

Physical movement; lifting, bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, reaching, kneeling, and climbing stairs

Hazardous Exposure Category

Category I – tasks that involve high risk to exposure of blood, body fluids

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.